Human Readable Audits Gap

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What happened?

Benchling recently resolved a product limitation that was affecting the export of Human Readable Audit logs in Benchling. This limitation resulted in audits of large batch events not being displayed in the exported audit logs. A large batch event is considered an upload/import of more than 100 items at one time. However, exporting audit logs on items that are not associated with a large batch event would have performed as expected.

Additional context

In Q2 2022, Benchling released Human Readable Audits (HRA). Human Readable Audits are designed to generate audit trail exports that are easier to understand and don’t require interpreting any JSON. With HRAs, Benchling users should be able to efficiently consume the information in their audit logs without pausing to interpret a distinctly different data format. Previously Audits included parsing verbose JSON metadata that made it hard to interpret.

What does this mean for me?

Any - audit logs exported from Benchling (by customers who have HRA configuration enabled) between Wednesday, June 1st 2022 and Friday, July 15th 2022 may not have contained an exhaustive list of events that occurred in Benchling.

What happens next?

In early July, Benchling corrected the underlying code gap and began backfilling all missing legacy events in your system. If an HRA was exported today it would contain all events including those previously skipped by the gap documented above. In order to fully mitigate any HRAs exported by users between Wednesday, June 1st 2022 and Friday, July 15th users should re-pull the same HRA export. Upon request, Benchling can generate a list of users from each tenant that exported audit logs in the affected time frame.

How to contact Benchling

If you have any questions or need additional information about this notice please contact Benchling at and reference “Notification - Human Readable Audits” or reach out directly to your designated Customer Success Representative.

Thank you for your continued support!

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