Security tips to further protect your Benchling tenant

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Configure settings to tighten access to your Benchling tenant

Your data is your most valuable asset, which is why we take information security very seriously. To take more steps to protect your organization’s data and further ensure only those who need access to your data have it, we recommend following these best practices.

Getting started

Most of the options in this article require administrator permissions to take action. If you do not have administrator permissions, coordinate with your Benchling administrators to make these changes.

Manage user access

One of the most effective ways to ensure the security of your data is to give access only to those who require it. You can configure access and permissions based on application or project, and can customize registry permissions depending on your organization’s needs.

External collaborators

By default, only users with your organization’s domain email can access your Benchling tenant. If you need to work with external collaborators, contact your Benchling representative to get access for their email address or domain. You can then apply permissions to control what data your collaborator can access.

Configure custom access policies

Customize your access policies to create tailored permissions for your organization beyond Benchling’s standard read, write, and admin permissions. To learn more about designing access policies, visit Configure access policies for complex permissions.

Note: Before configuring access policies, they must be enabled on your tenant. To get access policies enabled, contact your Benchling representative, email, or message us using our in-app chat.

Integrate Benchling with your Identity Provider

Benchling supports Security Association Markup Language (SAML), and can integrate with a wide range of Identity Provider (IdP) solutions to support single-sign on (SSO). Configuring SAML SSO to fit Benchling seamlessly into your security ecosystem will help ensure only the appropriate people have access to your data.

To learn more about configuring SAML SSO, visit the SAML SSO section of the help center.

Set IP address range restrictions

Benchling can establish IP allow lists to restrict traffic outside a defined range of IP addresses. If enabled, all IP addresses outside of the defined range are blocked from accessing your Benchling tenant.


If your organization is considering IP address range restrictions, contact your Benchling representative.

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