Self-Serve IP Allowlist Configuration

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Use in Tenant Admin Console

A new page will be available for you in the Tenant Admin Console where you can manage your tenant’s IP allowlists. If your tenant already had IP restrictions set, the page will reflect the values set previously. If you don't see the new UI, please contact Benchling Support or a Benchling representative on your account's team to enable it for your tenant.
image.pngFor tenants that don’t have warehouse enabled, there will be only a single IP allowlist to manage.
Tenants with warehouse enabled will see both the Web IP allowlist and Warehouse IP allowlist, with the option to just use the same list for both web app and warehouse or to maintain separate lists for each.

In most cases, the same list is used for both Warehouse and the Web, but if there are integrations with Warehouse which should be added to the warehouse list but which should not have access to Benchling itself, separating the lists would be appropriate.
image.pngimage.pngThe update will fail if your current IP address is not in the list. This will help prevent users locking themselves out.

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