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Get an overview of Benchling's security measures.

Benchling’s commitment to data security is central to our company. Our success as a product and a company depends on earning and keeping your trust, and we take that very seriously. We know that trust starts with confidence that your company’s data is safe with us. Please read our formal Security overview for full documentation of our security practices.

The following is a summary of that documentation:

  • Infrastructure and Hosting: Amazon Web Services allow for quick iteration on well-tested systems.

  • Data Encryption: SSL connections ensure effective encryption.

  • External Security Audits: Annual tests of Benchling ensure up-to-date security.

  • Availability and Backup: All Benchling files and databases are backed up with extremely high durability.

  • Compliance: Our products ensure strict compliance to regulatory standards, including FDA 21 CFR Part 11.

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