Add or remove members of a team [Enterprise]

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Both organization admins and team admins can manage the users assigned to teams. 

When users are part of teams, they have permissions to access that team's projects and items within those projects.

Find your Organization Settings page

To begin your member management within teams, first navigate to your Organization's settings page. See below: 

Manage users in teams

As an organization or a team admin, navigate to your Organization Settings. Click on the Teams tab and select the team whose user list you'd like to see.

Add users to a team

From the Members tab on your team page, search for the desired user either by their User Name or their email. Then click on the Add Member button to add the user to the team.

Members of the team can be designated as Team Admins via the Role column on the Members tab.

Remove members from a team

Users can be removed from a team by clicking the trash icon next to their name on the Members Page.

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