Access the Tenant Admin Console [Industry]

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If you are a Tenant Admin, you have access to the Tenant Admin Console, which allows you to view the teams, organizations, users, and settings within your tenant.

What is the Tenant Admin Console?

The Tenant Admin Console consists of four main pages:

  1. Organizations: View all of the organizations in your Tenant, including the org-admins in those organizations. Navigate to an individual org-dashboard page by selecting an organization in the table

  2. Teams: View all of the teams in your Tenant, including the organization they are a part of and the team-admins in those teams. Navigate to an individual team-dashboard page by selecting a team in the table

  3. Users: Manage the users in your Tenant, including creating user accounts, suspending/un-suspending users and editing user settings

  4. Settings: Manage Tenant settings, including adding and removing Tenant Admins

Click here to learn more about suspending or un-suspending users, editing user settings, or adding or removing organization or team members.

Access the Tenant Admin Console

Click on your avatar icon on the bottom of the side-panel. There, you'll see a link to the Tenant Admin Console: 

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