Unable to Submit Workflow Outputs from Task Group and Task Details in Specific Cases

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When submitting a task from a Direct Execution workflow output table or directly from the task details interface you will surface an error that impedes you from  executing the task. Here are the two scenarios you may have encountered: 

What Does NOT work:

1.  Submitting a Task from Output table in the Task Group window:

Failed Task Group Output Table Submission.gif

2. Submitting a Task from Output table in the Task Details window:

Failed Task Details Submission.gif


Partial Workaround

What DOES work: Use the Blue Execute button to create the output on either the task group or task details page

Caveat: This workaround only works in cases where the task table status is still "Pending" or "Planned" All other statuses will result in a greyed out execute button and will not allow you to submit the task. Kapture 2024-05-01 at 16.37.14.gif


This issue was resolved by Benchling Engineering on 5/1/24 at ~8PM PST, at which point all workflow tasks regardless of status should allow output submissions. Please contact support@benchling.com if you have any questions or concerns.

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