Modification to Select Source Container Concentration

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From November 7th, 4:51 PM PST, to November 16th, 1:40 PM PST, certain actions related to transferring containers may have inadvertently altered the concentration values of items in the source container. The affected transfer methods included:

  • Transferring from containers via API with a container as a source and setting source concentration units and values to NULL
  • Transferring from source containers via lab automation with a specified concentration set
  • Transferring from containers via inventory table in notebook using the ‘Create and fill new containers’ or ‘Fill existing containers’ option, with the source set as ‘Container’ and a specific concentration filled out in the row

During this period, if any of the above actions were taken, the concentration value (but not the units) of the source container may have been inadvertently modified. Any subsequent transfers from an impacted container would be based on the inaccurate concentration.  All other transfer actions, such as those made via spreadsheet, direct inventory transfers, transfers without specifying an explicit concentration, and transfers from entities were not impacted by this issue. 


On November 16, 2023, Benchling deployed a software fix to prevent this issue from recurring. The fix ensures that future container transfers will no longer modify the source container’s concentration. 

How to contact Benchling?

You will be contacted by a member of Benchling to discuss remediation options if you were identified as impacted by this limitation.  You can also proactively reach out to and mention “Modification to select source container concentration” to get a list of impacted containers. Please reach out to Benchling within 90 days if you wish to address this issue.  

Thank you for your continued support!

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