Inventory Table Concentration Capture without Quantity

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What happened?

Benchling has recently made an update to our product. In the past, users could add concentration values for containers in the Inventory Table of the Notebook, even if they didn't specify any quantity values. While our user interface allowed this, it was not in line with Benchling's expectations, as we previously always expected a quantity to be entered alongside any concentration. Due to this discrepancy, the concentration data entered without a corresponding quantity was not properly recorded in the Benchling platform. This resulted in the concentration details being displayed as 'Not Specified' when reviewing a container's information. We have now updated this functionality to ensure a more intuitive and accurate data entry process.


Additional Context

This product behavior had broader implications for data capture and retrieval in Benchling:

  • The concentration data submitted via the Inventory Table was not documented in the container's audit log, nor in the audit log of the entry where the Inventory Table was created.
  • If Snapshot fields were configured to pull concentration values from container fields on a Result schema, this data could not be retrieved.
  • The concentration data was not stored in the Benchling Data Warehouse for containers impacted by this functionality gap. 

What does this mean for me?

When submitting concentrations in Inventory Tables before October 10, 2023, concentrations were only populated in the UI in the originating Notebook entry, and this concentration data was not propagated elsewhere in Benchling. 


What happens next?

On October 10th, 2023, Benchling released an update to our Inventory Table feature. Now, users can enter concentration values for containers without needing to input quantities. This enhancement ensures that any concentration entered is fully integrated and visible throughout the Benchling platform, not just in the Inventory Table. 

Additionally, for instances where concentrations were previously entered but appeared as 'Not Specified' outside the Notebook, Benchling is offering support, upon request, to retroactively correct this data, aligning it with the concentration listed in the Inventory Table. Please reach out to if you would like the list of potentially affected containers for review.


How to contact Benchling

If you have any questions or need additional information about this notice, please contact Benchling at and reference “Product Bulletin - Inventory Table Concentration Capture without Quantity” or reach out directly to your designated Customer Success Representative. Please reach out to Benchling within 90 days if you wish to address this issue. 

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