Troubleshoot errors surfacing XLOOKUP values in tables

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When using XLOOKUP formulas in entry tables, the formulas have sometimes returned a value temporarily, then defaulted to “N/A''. This was caused by a bug that was fixed in February 2023. 

To return newly-resolved XLOOKUP values, clear the cells’ cache by updating the lookup formula in existing rows. This is only necessary for cells that returned the N/A' value, or if the XLOOKUP function is targeting cells with blue chips that you expect to match and are not resolving.


To clear the cell’s cache:

  1. Click into the affected cell.
  2. Enter an extra space into the lookup formula, before or after a comma, to temporarily change it. 
  3. Click out of the cell. They should now return the expected lookup value.


Note: Evaluation parameters in lookups aren’t impacted by spaces. If you add a space to change the formula, you don’t need to restore it. If you changed the formula using characters instead of spaces and need to restore the formula, click into the cell again and update it to the original formula.


For additional questions, contact Benchling Support. 

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