How do I resolve missing required fields for entities in bulk?

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I need to resolve missing required fields for multiple entities at the same time.


Registry application


Adding new required fields in Entity schemas cause existing entities without those values to surface validation errors. 

Resolution steps

There are two approaches you can take to update entities for a missing required field.
For updating missing field values in bulk:
  1. In the schema where you made an entity field required, click the Validation Failures tab.
  2. Click the number under Entities with Failures to view a list of entities that have failed.
  3. Select all the entities and click Export as CSV in the toolbar.
  4. Open the spreadsheet on your computer and make the changes to the required fields.
  5. Reimport the data via Update entities.
For entities with the same field value, you can update the value by selecting your entities, and updating the Edit field in the toolbar. All entities you're editing will have the same field value. 

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