Why am I getting an error message about barcodes when creating and filling new containers?

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When creating and filling a new container with a custom barcode, I get an error message and can't create the container.

  • Inventory table error message: "Value error | Barcode already exists" - can't submit the table
  • Inventory application error message: "Found duplicate barcode: XXX." - can't create the container


  • Inventory table in the Notebook application
  • Inventory application


The container with the desired barcode has previously been created, possibly in error. To keep printed labels accurate, it's not possible to change container barcodes.

Resolution steps

  1. Move the contents currently in the incorrectly-labeled container into a new or existing container, preferably with the correct barcode, to preserve its storage in your inventory.
  2.  Fill the now empty container with the contents that match the barcode.

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