Decimal precision limitation and resolution

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Benchling recently resolved a product limitation that was affecting decimal precision reporting of results in Benchling tables. Results using scientific notation could be truncated and stored using the rounded number instead of the entered value, which could have resulted in less precise data reporting downstream. The error is shown in the video below.

Benchling has sent out communications to impacted customers. Additional options are available for individual or bulk updates. Please reach out to your Benchling Customer Success Manager if you have questions or would like to determine options for resolution.

This article covers steps for customers to restore original table values manually that were impacted because of the decimal precision limitation.

Restore original table values

How you restore your original values depends on the type of table used in the entry. If the entry hasn't been accepted yet, use the steps in the sections below that are associated with your table type(s):

Snapshot fields won't update automatically. They run only once when the table is initially submitted.

Warning: Don't refresh the table, unless otherwise indicated, before taking the steps associated with your table type. This will lock the truncated numbers and the original values will be lost.

Plain table

After identifying the impacted table(s) and value(s) in the entry:

  1. Perform any table action (update a cell value, remove a row, etc).
  2. The new value overwrites the existing impacted value.

Structured tables and Legacy Result tables

After identifying the impacted table(s) and value(s) in the entry:

  1. Select the affected text by double-clicking the cell. You can also select the cell and click into the fx bar text at the top of the table.
  2. Press Tab. The new value overwrites the existing impacted value.
  3. Click Submit on structured tables to finalize the output.
    • This step isn't necessary for Legacy Result tables.

Lookup fields and tables, and computed tables

Computed fields are not impacted by the decimal precision limitation. Computed fields are linked to schemas and do not report out scientific notation with non-standard formatting.

For these tables and fields, the stale indicator must display on the affected cells to restore the original values.

After identifying the impacted table(s) and value(s) in the entry:

  1. Correct the values in the Lookup table or field are pulling from.
  2. Refresh the entry so the stale indicator displays.
    • If the entry isn't refreshed, the stale indicator can take up to 10 minutes to display in the table.
  3. After the stale indicator displays, click the refresh icon in the top-right corner of the table.
  4. [Optional] Click Submit to finalize the output.


Where to go for help

If you have any questions or need more information about this notice, contact Benchling at and reference “Decimal Precision Limitation” or reach out directly to your designated Customer Success Representative. 

Thank you for your continued support!

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