Why am I getting an error message when submitting my entry for review?

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Submitting an entry for review prompts the error message: "Please fix entry data with errors before trying again.”


Notebook entries with Results table(s) - all versions and systems


At least one of the entry's structured tables (Registration, Inventory, Results) has errors. Errors can come from:

  • Missing required fields
  • Incorrect value types, like a text value in a numerical field
  • Incorrectly formatted dates

Errors can include:


Fix any flagged fields:

  1. Find structured tables marked with a triangle flag in the top-right corner.
  2. Hover over the flag to determine how the cell is in error.
  3. Make the required fix and resubmit.

If your tenant uses legacy Results tables and no flag displays on the table, review the tables and the schema they come from to determine if any required fields or columns are missing.

Note: The new Results table displays a "Required field not present" message when submitting the Results table, instead of waiting until the entry is sent for review. Benchling can also configure entries so they can't be sent for review until all tables are submitted. To learn more, visit Use a Results table or contact your organization's Benchling admin or Customer Success representative.

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