The entry_template table doesn't contain all of my templates

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The number of templates stored in the entry_template table doesn't match the number of templates available to my organization.


Your organization's postgreSQL warehouse


The entry_template table only displays templates that live in collections owned by the entire organization, and that are accessible to all members of the organization. Permissions for the entry_template table behave this way to ensure users can't view templates in the entry_template table that they don't have View access to in the Benchling platform. 

The warehouse currently supports row-level permissions (only showing the objects or rows in a table that the warehouse user has READ access to), which are derived from projects or registries. Templates live in neither; they are stored in template collections, and the warehouse doesn't have a way to inherit permissions from template collections. 


To better understand template usage, like how many entries are created from templates and which templates are used the most, you can query the entry_template_id column in the entry table.

To find the template name of a given template's API ID, call the GET/entry-templates API endpoint

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