Requirements for label printing

To print labels from Benchling, you will need a label printer that:

  • Supports Zebra Programming Language (ZPL)
  • You can find a list here:
  • Anything under the “ZPL” and “ZPL and EPL” listings will work
  • The printers listed above are made by Zebra, but there are plenty of printers made by other manufacturers that also support ZPL.
  • Is connected to your network, and has a public IP that Benchling can send print messages to
  • If it is connected to a private network, you will need some way for Benchling to communicate with it. Typically, this is done by setting up a firewall rule that will allow Benchling to send print messages to a public IP, which will be forwarded to your internal printer IP. Contact Benchling for more help with this.
  • Benchling will need to whitelist your IPs as well. If you have a number of public IPs and want to add/remove them without contacting Benchling every time, we can whitelist a range.

Set up printers in Benchling

To start with, navigate to your registry settings (you can click the gear icon next to an open registry to see the option to get there), and select the “Label Printing” section. From there, click on the “Printers” tab.

Click “Create”, and fill out the form provided. There are four fields:

  • Name: The name of the printer (users will need to be able to pick it out of a list, something descriptive like a location is good)
  • Address: The IP Address of the printer, which Benchling will send print requests to. As described in the requirements section, this must be a publicly-accessible IP that is in a range that has been whitelisted by Benchling
  • Port: The port that Benchling will send the print request to
  • Description (optional): Some extra description about the printer. This is only surfaced in the printer settings page.

Once a printer is added here, you will be able to select it when printing labels.

Print in Benchling

Method A
Any storage item in Benchling can be printed. These items will have printer icons next to their barcodes, which will open a print window (shown below). You then select both a label template (which defines what kind of information will be printed, and how it will be printed), as well as a printer to send to. 

For more information on labels, please see Creating labels for Benchling Sample Tracking.

Method B

It is also possible to print by selecting a number of items in a listing view and clicking the print option in the export menu.

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