A Registration Table enable users to register the following from a Lab Notebook Entry:

  • New Schema Entity
  • New Schema Entity and Batch
  • New Batch of an existing Entity

Step 1: Insert a Registration Table into your entry or template

In your entry's formatting bar, click on Insert Registration Table. In the Insert registration table modal (pictured below), select the schema for which you want to create entities/batches, the desired Registry Naming Setting, and the type of Registration Table you'd like to insert:

  • If you would like to create entities only, select Entity
  • If you would like to create new entities and a batch for each entity, select Batch
  • If you would like to create new batches of existing entities, select Batch

Step 2a: Use the Registration Table to look up metadata of an existing schema entity in the Registry

If you'd like to look up metadata of an existing entity of the Registration Table Schema, enter the descriptive name or registry ID of the entity (pictured below):

Once you've selected the entity of interest, you'll see the metadata load in the adjacent columns.

Step 2b: Create a batch of an existing entity

Following the steps listed in 2a., enter batch metadata into the batch field columns adjacent to the populated entity columns. After data entry, click on the Register icon to register your batch (pictured below):

The Batch column will populate with the Batch ID of your registered batch.

Step 3: Simultaneously create a new entity and batch

To create a new entity and batch, just enter all entity and batch field information and click Register. Once registered, the Entity column will be populated with the Registry entity that you've just created. You will not be able to to register if:

  • You have entered incorrect data types
  • You have not completed a required field
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