Your tracking needs may change as your research changes. You may need to add new fields to your schemas and update those values for all existing entities. Follow these instructions to streamline that process.

Export all your data for one schema from the Bioregistry

You may first need to export your registry to curate data. To do so, go to the settings icon (gear) and select Export Registry. 

In the new window, select the appropriate schema and item type. 

Benchling will send you a CSV of your registry. This may take some time depending on the size of your registry.

Curate this excel sheet with the appropriate new data.

Bulk Update Fields

Now it's time to bulk update the fields in the registry. To do so, click on the "+" sign and select Update Entities.

Follow the instructions in the import wizard. On the second page, import your CSV sheet or use the Raw Text option to paste in your values. Remember to paste in the headers. 

By default, Benchling will ignore empty cells and not over write existing data. In other words, if you have an empty cell in your spreadsheet, existing data will not be overwritten. However, if you select the checkboxes below, your data will be overwritten if there are empty cells.

Click Next and import your changes. 

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