When I click high fidelity enzymes, this marks other enzymes as unavailable. 

When you click high-fidelity (HF) to search for HF enzymes, this masks enzymes that do not have a HF version. This does not mean that there are no cut sites for these enzymes, only that there isn't a HF version. To see all enzyme options, toggle between checking HF and unchecking HF. 

How do I only see certain enzyme cut sites on my sequence? 

To view certain enzyme cut sites, select the specific enzymes of interest. These will then be highlighted on your sequence. 

How do I search for enzymes by single or double cutters (or none cutters)? 

To search for available enzymes with a specific number of cut sites (for example, none, 1 or 2), use the search box and search by cut site number, as shown below for no cutters (0).

How do I see enzymes that don't cut in my selection but do cut outside of my selection?

Use the dropdown at the bottom of the restriction enzyme/digest panel to select, anywhere except in the current selection. This dropdown provides other useful selection options, such as looking for enzymes that cut only in the current selection. 

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