How do I detach primers from a sequence?

To detach primers from a sequence:

  1. Navigate to your sequence
  2. Select the ‘Primer’ icon from the Right Navigation
  3. Select the primer you wish to detach. Alternatively, you could select ‘Detach All Primers’ to detach primers in bulk.
  4. Once you select a primer, select the ‘Detach’ option next to the ‘Edit’ option

How do I delete primers?

To delete primers from a project inventory:

  1. Select the Project icon from the Left Navigation Panel
  2. Navigate into the Project Folder where your primer is stored. Make sure you have selected the ‘Inventory’ tab, not the ‘Notebook’ tab.
  3. Right click the primer you wish to delete and select ‘Delete’.
  4. Confirm you want to ‘Permanently Delete’ the primer.

How do I toggle the visibility of bases on attached primers?

It's possible to display bases as a simple colored arrow, or to immediately display the primer sequence as well.

  1. Click on the gear icon on your Sequence Map.
  2. Check/uncheck the 'Primer Bases' option.

How do I view all my primers?

To view all your primers, do a general search and filter by Inventory --> Oligos.

Alternately, if you're looking to search which primers match your sequence, we suggest using the attach existing functionality.

How is primer Tm calculated? 

See our Molecular Biology FAQ

How can I link Primers that are not adjacent in my list?

You can use Shift+Click to select primers that are not adjacent in the Primers list.

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