1. Under the primer button, select Create Primers --> Wizard

2. Select the region you want to target, adjusting the other default parameters as necessary.

We support designing PCR, qPCR and sequencing primers (which can be adjusted in the Task dropdown). 

: specifies min, max and optimal primer parameters.
Amplicon: specifies amplicon min/max size
Result Generation
: specifies the number of possible primer results
Partial Design: allows the user to set part of the sequence included in the primer
Design Across Junctions: supports designing primers across junctions
Force Location: allows the user to specify the location of the primer

Note: The default amplicon length range is 200 - 1000bp. If your amplicon length is outside of this range, please adjust the defaults. If your amplicon length does not fit within the selected range, Benchling will indicate that "no primers could be found".

Pro Tip: The easiest way to choose your target region is to select it on your sequence and click Use Selection.

3.  Click Generate Primers
4. Choose your primer pair of interest and click Save Selected Primers.

What do the primer wizard parameters mean?

We use the Primer3 system for creating primers in our wizard. For more information on how parameters are used in generating primers, refer to the official Primer3 manual: http://www.primer3plus.com/web_3.0.0/primer3web_help.htm 

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