How is primer Tm calculated?

We have the option for two algorithms - Saint Lucia or Modified Breslauer. You can adjust your preference by clicking on Melting Temp on the bottom of your screen and following the steps below. Note that changing the preference will change calculations globally across your account.

How do I create custom ladders to show in virtual digests?

To create a custom ladder, click "Ladders" under your user dropdown (your portrait in the lower left corner of the screen). From there, you can create new ladders with custom band sizes, and they'll show up as a selectable ladder in your virtual digest module.

How do I change the color of my annotations on sequences?

To change the color of an annotation, select the annotation and adjust the color under the annotation tab. You also have the option of two color palettes. 

Can I annotate methylation on my DNA sequences?

Unfortunately, we do not currently support methylation.

Can I have overhangs in sequences on Benchling? 

Unfortunately, we do not currently support overhangs on sequences. You can, however, specify overhangs on attached primers.

Can I perform codon optimization on Benchling? 

Unfortunately, codon optimization is outside of Benchling's current capabilities.

How do I change the topology of my sequence in Benchling? (i.e. circular vs. linear)

With your sequence of interest open in your Benchling workspace, click on the Information panel. There you will find an option to change the topology. Clicking Update Information will save your change.

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