Before starting, make a copy of your plasmid for the assembly

  • From the the History panel on the right (clock icon at the right), select Clone Version

Select your enzymes for the assembly

  • Open the digest panel and select enzymes for the assembly. Jump to the region on the map. See the finding enzymes in sequences help doc for an in-depth guide. 
  • Hit Cmd+C (or Ctrl+C on a PC) to copy the region. The cut sites should get highlighted. Benchling will helpfully highlight all cut sites with compatible sticky ends.

  • Open your second sequence files and find the enzyme cut sites. Hit Cmd+V (or Ctrl+V on a PC) to paste the region.
  • Note: Benchling will automatically reverse the fragment, if needed, and handle ligating sticky ends. Annotations and translations from first sequence should also have been brought along.

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