Try It Yourself (6 steps)

Creating Annotations

Click here to pull in the data for this tutorial. The sequence pTypeIIS will be added to a project called Training and opened for you.

We are going annotate a BsaI recognition site, since Benchling only shows cut sites by default.

1. Open pTypeIIS, and hover over BsaI (base pair 158) to show the recognition site (GAGACC). Select it.

2. Click Create at the top of the map, then click Annotation. (You can also right-click on the selection, and click Create Annotation).

3. Name the annotation “BsaI Recognition”, and save it.

4. Close the panel. Double click on the annotation to open the panel up again. Change the color of the annotation to red, and save it again.

5. Benchling also allows us to change multiple annotations simultaneously. From the annotation panel, click on Expanded View. Select the first five annotations by shift-clicking. Click the colored square at the right, and click on red.

6. Click the trash can icon at the top to delete these 5 annotations.

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