Try It Yourself (4 steps)


Benchling’s global searching and tagging tools help scientists locate and organize their work. Explore these features below and learn how scientists streamline organization and power efficiency.

For organizational purposes, we recommend aligning .ab1 files directly on the plasmid that was sequenced and viewing them there. Please see the Aligning to a Template tutorial.

Click here to download a trace file called mut2-1-FW.ab1 to your computer. We are going to view this downloaded trace file in Benchling. 

1. Go to Create and choose Import Sequences from the drop down menu. Click Or Choose A File to upload your ab1 file from your computer and save it in the Training folder.

2. Find and open the uploaded file, mut2-1-FW.
3. To view the alignment, go to the alignment panel on the right and click the saved alignment mut2-1-FW.

4. Adjust the trace graph height by using the scroll bar on the left. 

What's next?

Next, learn how to create a consensus alignment and how to align to a template

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