Try It Yourself (5 steps)

Click here to pull data for this tutorial. A pUC plasmid with an insert will be added to your Training project and opened for you.

Also, download these two trace (.ab1) files: Linc5-1_HK460_2015-07-01_E05.ab1 and Linc5-2_HK460_2015-07-01_F05.ab1. We will be aligning them to the modified pUC plasmid.

1. Go to the alignment panel and click Create New Alignment.

2. In the alignment window, click Choose File(s) and choose the two .ab1 files that were downloaded to your computer. Click Create Alignment.

3. Benchling automatically trims your trace file to the point where the peaks start to look clean, but you can drag it yourself. Drag the first trace to base 2788.

4. Use the bottom summary view to scroll to the mutation at 2841. Zoom in by decreasing the width of the viewing window.

5. You can also add a comment by selecting bases and clicking Add Comment at the top of the tab.

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