What are date inserts?

Benchling Date Inserts allow you to better organize your lab notebook entry across multi-day experiments. The dates are linked to your calendar - the calendar updates as you add new dates in your entry!

How do I change an inserted day?

Right click on the date mark and then select the new day. 

Why do my Date Inserts get automatically updated when they are in a non-chronological order?

Date inserts are connect to the calendar and we therefore require that they are chronological  (from the top to bottom). We will automatically reset to fix the non-chronological ordering. This is due to how things are connected to the calendar on the home page as non-chronological ordering would break some parts of what we are displaying. 

If you want to undo this, hit Command (Mac) or Control (PC) Z on your computer. You can also go into the Version History panel 

We therefore recommend that notebook entries are structured from oldest work at the top to most recent at the bottom. If you need to create an entry where you require non chronological dates, we suggest you use Headers instead. 

How do I delete the first data insert at the top of the page?

You currently cannot delete the Date Insert at the top of your notebook entry. Because all entries are linked to your calendar, notebook entries require the first date insert.

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