Notebook and Inventory merge

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The Notebook and Inventory tabs in Projects have been merged into one, unified section. In the new unified listing, entries and entities can be listed together in the same folder, or root level of a project.

Project permissions are not affected, as we are only changing the way project items are organized.

For existing projects, the two Notebook and Inventory tabs are converted into two Notebook and Inventory folders, with all relevant items from those sections in the relevant folder.

The images below display the Projects folder before and after the update.


The Create menus from each section are also merged into one menu. The menu has an updated appearance with some options consolidated for ease of use.

Note the new Create menu is similar to the Global Create menu you can use from the left-side menu.

View and organize project folders after merging

You can view entities, entries, and folders in your projects. By default, folders display at the top, with the remaining items listed alphabetically below. You can customize your search results using filters and change how results are sorted.

To move individual items after the merge:

  1. Perform a search.

  2. Right-click an item and select Move to....

  3. Select a folder within the same project, or select a different project.

To move multiple items at the same time after the merge:

  1. Perform a search.

  2. Click > to open the expanded view of your project.

  3. Hover over and select each item you want to move.

  4. Click Move to in the toolbar.

Registration table behavior

After the merge, Registration tables deposit registered entities within the same project folder that the entry is located in making it easier to keep entities and notebook entries in context.

In the previous configuration, Notebook and Inventory sections were separate. Entities registered using Registration tables were placed in the root level of a project's Inventory section.

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