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With the invaluable feedback we’ve received from users and partners alike, we’ve established a new help center to improve Benchling’s customer experience, make documentation more accessible, and prepare for the future. As of October 13, 2022, the new help center has completely replaced the old experience.

What’s new?

Search organized knowledge bases

Search is featured front-and-center with access to specific areas of the help center on distinct cards below. Click a card to quickly access browsable knowledge bases:

  • Product documentation - Find general information on how to use the platform and its features
  • Training kits for educators and academic users - Quickly familiarize yourself with the platform based on how you use it
  • Troubleshooting articles (coming soon) - Solve a specific issue using the experiences of other customers and Customer Support
  • Product release notes - View the latest products and features released in the previous month

Note: Searching for Benchling help center articles from search engines, like Google, will temporarily produce broken links. In the meantime, we recommend searching the help center directly

Popular content

View popular searches by clicking a search term directly below the search bar. You can also view our most visited articles in the Popular articles section at the bottom of the page.

Contact us

If you need support or have questions about the new help center experience, click Contact Us at the bottom of any article or the help center homepage. Complete and submit the form to open a ticket, and our Customer Support team will reply via email.

Access the help center

You can access the help center from the web by entering into your browser’s address bar. 

Tip: If you've accessed the help center before, your browser may automatically add en/ to the end of the URL, which will produce an error. We recommend clearing your browser's cache and updating bookmarks and shared links to prevent them from breaking.

You can also view the help center multiple ways from within your Benchling environment, depending on if you're an academic or industry user.

Help widget

Click the help icon in the bottom-right corner and ask a question to instantly search the help center.



For customers, click your avatar in the bottom-left corner and select Help to access the help center. This isn’t available for Academic users at this time.


Contact support

Benchling chat is currently only available for industry users in the Benchling environment, not in the help center. 

Academic users can contact our support team at or by opening a ticket. 

To open a support ticket:

  1. Click Contact Us at the bottom of any article or the help center homepage. 
  2. Complete the form.
  3. Click Submit, then our support team will reply via email.

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