Configure the Sources of the Input File Generator

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See Configure the Rows of the input file generator for information on generating the rowConfigs object.

The Source determines the number of rows that will be configured in its corresponding Row configurations. For example, if you had a run field with a 96 well plate inventory link:

  • If you wanted one row per well in the input file, the source should lookup the wells of the 96 well plates

  • If you wanted one row per plate in the input file, the source should lookup the 96 well plates directly

  • If you wanted the left half of the plates to go to a different destination than the right half of the plates, you could have two rowConfigs (and therefore two sources) - one source that looks up the left half of the 96 well plates, and another source that looks up the right half of the 96 well plates

Configuring Source(s) with the Run Configuration UI

To set up the source via the UI - first click on the “+” next to the second section within the Input File configuration label “Sources”.

Screen Shot 2021-04-15 at 4.37.12 PM.png

From here you can designate the source between one of three options:

  1. Run schema field

  2. Counting the number of entities in a given schema field

  3. Constant value

Screen Shot 2021-04-15 at 4.38.11 PM.png

Once your initial lookup has been configured, you can add up to 5 additional lookup steps for your source. For example, if your Source was starting from a Run Field that is a plate: then look up the wells of the plate, content of the wells, and a schema field of the contents that are inside the plate. 

Screen Shot 2021-04-15 at 4.38.35 PM.png

It is important that when configuring Sources that the checkbox labeled “Consolidate results into single row” remain unchecked.

Configuring Sources with JSON

Within rowConfigs is the object type source, which defines the source entities/containers/plates for a set of rows.

The main benefit of leveraging a source is minimizing the number of lookupSteps in the columnsMap. Once configured, a source can be a lookupStep for each columnsMap object.

Important Notes:

  • The maximum number of lookupSteps available per object is 5.

  • isMulti should always be true for the source.

  • See “Configure lookup steps” for more information on configuring the lookup steps of the Source

Example JSON

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