Configure the Columns of the Input File Config

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While the rowConfigs will determine how many rows are configured, and what values should go into each row, columns is what determines the number of columns and the names of each of the columns.

Within the automationInputFileConfig, there are two objects that impact the columns:

  • columns: An array of strings, which are the column names that should be in the input file from left to right (top to bottom in the config)

  • sortColumns: an array of strings that is a subset of columns. If non-empty, the input file rows will be sorted by these columns.

Configuring Input File Columns with JSON

For example, the below file format comes from this columns JSON configuration:

"columns": [

In order to populate the columns with values, use the columnsMap within the rowConfigs object to map lookup steps to the appropriate column name. See the below articles for more details:

Configuring Input File Columns with the Run Configuration UI

In the Run Configuration UI an example table is provided to build out the input file that will be generated. Right click on a column to insert a new column.

Screen Shot 2021-04-15 at 5.12.51 PM.png

Once columns have been added a lookup can be configured to generate the right information for the instrument. See how to setup a lookup here. To rename a column, right click on the appropriate column for the option.

Screen Shot 2021-04-15 at 5.14.12 PM.png

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