Configure the fields for a Lab Automation run

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Note: Please read “Configure a lab automation run” for more general information about configuring the lab automation run.

What are run schema fields?

Run schema fields refer to user-entered fields on a Lab Automation run. By filling in the fields, users can generate the information needed to create an input file that instructs the instrument, or add additional information being ingested from an output file upload. Run fields are optional, and configured in a similar manner to Registry and Results schemas.

Note that run schema fields must be saved before configuring the Input or Output File Configurations.

Configure the run schema fields

Depending on the actions performed by the Lab Automation run, run fields may not be required. If they are, they can be configured directly in the UI. The image below is an example of run schema fields configuration to transfer a specified volume from one plate to another.


To configure run fields:

  1. Click ➕ next to Run fields.
  2. Enter the field name. The warehouse name is based on this name.
  3. Define the field type using the Definition dropdown menu.
  4. Check Required and/or Multi-select, depending on the field criteria and field type chosen.

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