Creating entry templates and template collections

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You can create templates and organize them using template collections to help standardize entries across sets of experiments. Establish user permissions for templates and collections to regulate their maintenance.

Create a template collection

To create a template collection:

  1. Click the avatar in the bottom-left corner.

  2. In Feature Settings, click Template Collections.

  3. Click + New Collection.

  4. In the pop-up window, enter the collection name and description, select the collection owner, and add collaborators and permissions in the Manage collaborators section.

  5. Click Create template collection.

Create an entry template

You can create new entry templates or copy previous versions of templates to save time and stay consistent.

Create a new entry template

To create a new entry template from within a template collection:

  1. Click + New Template.

  2. In the pop-up window, enter the template name and select the template collection it will belong to.

  3. [Optional] Check Fill-in only to limit the components that users can modify in their entries.

  4. Click Create.

  5. After your template is created, you can modify the metadata or the template itself.

    • Click Notes in the top-left corner to add components to your template.

    • Click Metadata in the top-left corner to edit the template's metadata.

You can edit existing templates by navigating to the template collection and clicking on the entry.

Create an entry template from an existing template

To copy an existing template:

  1. Open the template and click the clock icon in the right-side toolbar to open to the History panel.
  2. Select the template version you're copying from the list.
  3. Click Clone from version at the bottom of the panel.
  4. Select the template collection to save the new template to and click Create.

Tip: Keep in mind users can modify any part of an entry created from a template. To create templates that prevent users from modifying defined procedures in an entry, consider making your template fill-in only.

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