Find restriction enzyme cut sites

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Search for enzymes by name or number of cut sites

Open a DNA sequence. Then, open the Digests panel by clicking the scissors icon on the right nav bar.

The search box that opens allows searching for enzymes by name or number of cuts. For example, enter “2” to show all double cutters or enter “EcoRI” to pull it up in the list


Jump to the location of the enzyme on the sequence

Hover over the enzyme to see buffer information, and to jump to the cut site on the sequence.


Click on an enzyme to select it. Notice that the cut site on the sequence map turns colored. Click on it again to unselect it.

Filter by advanced parameters

You can also filter enzymes by where or how many times they cut on the sequence. For example, you can filter to see only enzymes that are single or double cutters. You can also see enzymes that cut anywhere outside of your current selection.


Click the scissors icon again to close the Digests panel. Double-click on a cut site on the sequence map, and notice that the panel automatically opens to show more information about the enzyme.

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