Attach saved primers

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Benchling's advanced primer features can help you streamline your research. If you  have imported or created new primers (manually or using the Primer Wizard) on Benchling, whether in the Registry or a project, you can find and attach them on existing sequences using the Attach Existing feature. This will save you and your organization from reordering primers you may already have in your inventory.

Open the sequence to which you would like to attach primers. Click the Primers button on the right side bar. Click Attach Existing.

From the Find binding sites for drop down menu, select "for all primers in specified projects" or "for all primers in the Registry." Specify where you would like to search for saved primers in the box labeled "Use primers in".

Adjust the primer parameters as needed. If you want to limit your search to a section of your sequence, identify the region and click Use Selection. 

When ready, click Find Binding Sites. Benchling will find all saved primers that meet the parameters you've specified. 

Select the saved primers that you want to attach to your sequence and click Attach Selected Primers. Your sequence will now be annotated with your primers.

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