Add or remove members of an organization [Enterprise]

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Manage members within your organization

Only admins are able to edit their organization's profile information, as well as invite new members to their organization. In order to add a member:

  1. Click your profile in the bottom left corner, and then select your organization’s name to access your Organization Page.

  2. On your organization’s “Members” tab, you can manage members’ roles, remove members, and add new members:

Add a member to organization

To add a member to the organization, type your new user's company email address to the search bar on the member page and press enter.  The user will be emailed a link to register and will be automatically added to the organization upon registering.

Suspend a user within your organization

To suspend a member, go to the Tenant Admin Console.

From here, you can select users you wish to suspend and click on the Suspend Selected button to block these accounts from accessing Benchling. Suspended users may be unsuspended via the Unsuspend button.

Please note that suspending users does not delete any of their user data from Benchling.

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