What desktop applications are compatible with Benchling Sync?

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The Benchling Sync app generally works with any desktop-based, file-editing application as it relies on the following process:

  1. Downloads the file (e.g. sheet.xlsx) to your computer.

  2. Opens the file in the default desktop application for the file type (e.g. Excel).

  3. Waits for edits to the file made via the desktop application.

  4. Uploads the files to Benchling's cloud.

  5. Benchling's Notebook syncs the uploaded file into your entry.

Manually verifying an app works

If the application is not listed below, be sure to do a quick verification that a simple edit is synced into your Notebook entry as explained in Editing files on the desktop. In particular, when checking in the file, you should see a message similar to:

  • "This file was last synced just now" if the sync was successful ✅

  • "This file was checked out just now... No edits were synced since checking out the file." under certain cases where a desktop application may be unable to save changes to the downloaded file. 💥

To remediate the above failure, try re-installing the app, reaching out to your IT department, or contacting Benchling for further support.

Note: Linux is currently not supported.

The following apps have been tested and verified for macOS and Windows 10

  • Microsoft Excel (macOS and Windows 10)

  • Microsoft Powerpoint (macOS and Windows 10)

  • Microsoft Word (macOS and Windows 10)

Desktop Sync is also supported on various other applications. Please reach out to our support team if you have questions. Thank you.



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