Create projects to organize data

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What are projects?

The highest level of data organization in Benchling are projects. Projects are the central hub of your personal work and your collaborative work.

You should create a project for each major goal you and/or your organization are working toward. For example, you may create a project called Creating BRCA2 Knockouts or Effect of Methylation on TP53 Expression.

We also suggest that you create projects for lab-wide data—cloning vectors, shared primer libraries, and standard protocols—in their own projects. This allows you to separate general data from active experimental data, and streamlines and standardizes data sharing with your whole lab.

Create a project

Click on the briefcase icon on the left navigation bar. You've navigated to projects when you see "Projects" at the top of your screen.

Create a project by clicking the + sign. 

Give your project a clear name and an optional description. Add collaborators and set project permissions for your organization.


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