Use Benchling Sync to edit file attachments on your desktop [Industry and Benchling Gold]

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The Benchling Sync desktop app allows you to open and edit any file that you have attached to your Lab Notebook using its native program on your computer. Files that you open can be seamlessly edited and saved back to Benchling.

Please see the installation guide for more details on how to download the app. Note that this is not a standalone application. It is meant to be used with Benchling to allow edits to attached files. This feature is currently only available to Enterprise users. 

Using Benchling Sync

You can edit files that were dragged into the Benchling Notebook. We recommend editing Microsoft Office files with Benchling Sync. For more information about supported file types, see this help article.

Check Out the File

In order to edit an attached file, it must be checked out by selecting the Floppy Disc icon located next to the file name. Checking out the file will automatically open the attachment in its default application on your computer. 

If you have issues opening the correct default programs for your apps, use these help articles for Windows 7, Windows 10, and macOS

After making edits, save the file as normal (File -> Save or Cmd/Ctrl-S). Your changes will be automatically uploaded to Benchling. Changes will only be synced if you have edit access to the notebook entry. 

As mentioned, while a file is checked out, it cannot be edited by any other users. Keep the following in mind when a file is checked out:

  • A time stamp shows the most recent sync.

  • Click the Pencil icon to reopen the file in its default application. 

Check In the File

Once you are finished editing, check the file back in by clicking the Floppy Disc again. Checked-in files will no longer sync with edits made on your computer. 

Locked Files

Files that have been checked out can be seen as "locked" to all other users, and cannot be downloaded for editing.

If necessary, administrators can force unlock files. 

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