Run PCR in silico

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Create primers in Benchling either manually or using the Primer Wizard.

Open your sequence and open the Primer panel on the right nav bar.



Link the primer pair that you'd like to use in your PCR reaction. To link two primers as a pair, use CTRL or SHIFT + Click to multi-select your two primers from the panel or the sequence map.

Right click the highlighted section between the two primers on the sequence map to access the Link Primers option.


Note: If you created primer pairs using the Wizard, they will automatically be linked. 


Next, click on the Pairs tab on the Primers panel, select your Primer pair, and then select Create PCR Product.


Set your desired options on the next screen; these will help determine what your new sequence looks like in Benchling. 

Click Copy to save the final PCR product/sequence to a project and folder.


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