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What are reviews?

If you are an industry user, Benchling Notebook supports sending entries to colleagues for review. Reviewers can audit the information entered and request changes. After they accept the review, the entry is locked and cannot be edited.

Before sending an entry for review, make sure you’ve defined the users who should be auditors on the project the entry is under.

Initiate a review

Create the review by opening the Information panel and clicking the Send for Review button. 

Or by opening the Review tab and clicking the Send for Review button.

In order to successfully send for review, your entry must:

  • Be in a project with designated auditors (that aren't entry authors)

  • Not contain any files that are checked out

  • Not contain any invalid data in a result table

In the next modal, specify the Auditors by removing anyone who shouldn't be included in the list. Add comments about the entry, then send it off by clicking Create Review, which will notify the auditors over email.

In the Review tab, authors and auditors can enter comments. Editing is disabled while the entry is out for review, and you’ll need to Retract it before making changes.

Once an auditor accepts the entry, it can no longer be edited. In addition, only project admins can delete or move accepted entries to a different location.

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