Use tags to identify and organize files

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Tag files

Tagging files organizes your files with different fields and values. Add a tag (custom field) to any file on Benchling. You can add a tag to any individual file and then perform a bulk update on files with the same tags.

Open a file and click the Information icon on the right. Click the Tags header and assign the file a tag name and corresponding value. Click Create to assign the tag.


When a file has a schema and related schema fields attached within its metadata, you can use the tagging feature to update these fields.

Once individual files have been tagged, you can perform a bulk tag update across all files with the same tag. 

In the expanded registry or inventory view, navigate to the tag field value to update all of the selected files. You can view your tags from the expanded project view as well, but updates can only only be performed from inventory or registry.

Search by tags

You can search for files using an assigned tag. Read below for more information on tagging files. After selecting Tag, enter the name of the tag to return all files with the associated tag. Narrow your search by entering a Value of the tag to show only files with that value of the tag.


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