Export DNA Sequences (.gb, .fasta, .csv, .svg, .rdf, .zip)

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Exporting An Individual Sequence File

To perform a single sequence export, click into your sequence file and click on the "Information" icon located on the Molecular Biology Panel. Scroll to the bottom of the Sequence Info modal to set export parameters and export your sequence. 


Note: This is the only interface in which you can export your sequence as Vector Linear Map (.svg), SINGLE FASTA (.fasta), or SBOL RDF (.rdf) formats

Exporting multiple files from expanded view

Benchling supports easy bulk file export in the expanded view within a project folder. To do so, click to "expanded view" in the inventory folder of interest and "bulk-select" only DNA sequence files. Once your files are selected, click on the "export" icon in the top right corner. From there you can either export your files as Multipart Genbank (.gb), Multi-FASTA (.fasta), or CSV (.csv), or as individual genbank (.gb) files in a ZIP folder.

Export sequences in Bulk

To export your sequences in bulk, use the "Export Data" modal. To access this modal,  click on your avatar (located on the bottom-left corner of the navigation bar), and select "Data Export"

Note: Certain enterprise tenants do not have the "Export Data" modal enabled due to company policy. 

In the "Export Data" modal, click on the "Sequences" export option. In this pop-up, you can designate the locations from which you'd like to export your sequences and also whether or not you'd like to include archived sequences (by reason) in your export. Finally, you're able to designate whether or not you'd like your files as individual Genbank (.gb) files in a ZIP folder or as a single multipart Genbank (.gb) file.


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