How do I export my DNA alignment?

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Our export tools make it easy to export your alignment as a FASTA, Clustal, or PDF.

Navigate to one of your template sequences and click on the alignment tool to preview a list of saved alignments.

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Next, navigate to the upper right hand corner of the alignment tool bar and click "Export."

Note: if you're working on a small screen, these buttons may not be visible at first. Collapse the Benchling sidepanel by clicking on the sidebar icon you're in or zoom out in your browser settings to make space for these buttons to appear.

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Choose between Clustal, FASTA, or the two PDF options. 


If the DNA alignment is exported as "PDF - screen capture" a preview of the PDF will appear in a pop up window prior to download. The PDF will be a full screen capture of what you see in the alignment. 

Screenshot 2024-06-25 at 5.19.21 PM.png

If the DNA alignment is exported as  "PDF - formatted" it will generate a paginated PDF that is optimal for publications, patents, and regulatory filings. From the pop up window, you can select the number of bases per line and turn on highlighting for mismatches and unknown bases.

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