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In Benchling, permissions are set by project. To set project permissions, the user must have Admin permissions on that project. First, navigate to your Organization Settings and click on the Projects tab.

Click on the gear icon next to the project for which you want to set permissions. A Project Settings modal will pop up.


Under Manage Collaborators, search for a user, team, or organization and click Add Collaborator

If the user, team, or organization has already been granted access to the project, they are listed in the Manage Collaborators section below.

For each collaborator (user or group of users), set one of the following permission levels:

  • Admin: An admin can view and create entries and data in the project, can edit individual entries in the project, and can change project permissions.

  • Write: A user with Write access can view and create entries and data in the project and can edit individual entries as an author only (by default). You can also add co-authors.

  • Read: A user with Read access can view but not create create entries/data in the project.

  • None: A user with no access cannot view or create entries/data in the project.

Note: User permissions are a union of all of the permission settings applicable to that user. If a user is granted Read access but belongs to an organization with Write access, the user will still have Write access. 

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