Add auditors for Notebook reviews

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Navigate to the project to which you want to add auditors. Make sure you’re an administrator on the project - you won’t be able to add auditors otherwise. Click the gear icon and select Project Settings.

This will open the Project Settings modal. Under Manage Collaborators, you can mark any collaborators as auditors by checking the box in the Auditor column. You can also add additional collaborators in the text input field. 

When you're done adding auditors, click Save. A few rules about adding auditors:

  • All members of an organization (in the above example, "Members of Benchling Support Therapeutics") can never be set as an auditor

  • Individuals/Orgs/Teams with "Read" permissions can be set as an auditor

  • A team can be set as an auditor, but when an entry is sent for review, an individual person from that team must be selected as the auditor

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