Use Benchling's keyboard shortcuts

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In order to execute a hotkey shortcut, simply hold down (CTRL) on a PC or (COMMAND ⌘) on a Mac, followed by pressing one of the letters below.


These shortcuts can be used in the Notebook Notes section or the Description tab of entities.

Manipulate text

  • CTRL/⌘+A: Select all. Select an entire line of text in an entry or an entire DNA/AA sequence.

  • CTRL/⌘+C: Copy. Copy selected text or selected AA or DNA sequences.

  • CTRL/⌘+V: Paste. Paste selected text or selected AA or DNA sequences.

  • CTRL/⌘+X: Cut. Cut selected text or AA/DNA sequences. Use this to move files around in the Notebook.

  • * + SPACE KEY. Create a bullet point in your notebook entry.

  • 1. + SPACE KEY. Create a numbered list in your notebook entry.
  • [] + SPACE KEY. Create a checkbox in your notebook entry.
  • Tab. Indent a created bullet, number, or checkbox in your notebook entry.

  • Shift Tab. Outdent a created bullet, number, or checkbox in your notebook entry.

Format text

  • CTRL+`: Header. Change the header size.
  • CTRL/⌘+B: Bold. Bold the highlighted text in an entry.

  • CTRL/⌘+I: Italics. Italicize highlighted text in an entry.

  • CTRL/⌘+K: Hyperlink. Insert a hyperlink within selected text in an entry.

  • CTRL/⌘+U: Underline. Underline selected text.

Search text

  • CTRL/⌘+F: Find. Open the find box.

Undo an action

  • CTRL/⌘+Z: Undo. Undo the last action performed in an entry or DNA or AA sequence.
  • CTRL/⌘+SHIFT+Z: Redo the last action. Redo actions performed in any entry or DNA or AA sequence.

Mac-specific symbol hotkeys

  • Option+Shift+8/Option+0: °

  • Option+J: ∆

  • Option+M: µ


Molecular Biology

These shortcuts are specific to the molecular biology suite.

  • CTRL/⌘+SHIFT+C when selecting DNA bases: Copy Special. Copy reverse complements and translations.

  • CTRL/⌘+F to search for DNA bases, annotations, or primers.

  • CTRL/⌘+SHIFT+F to search for AA bases and annotations.

  • CTRL/⌘+I to invert the selection.

  • CTRL/⌘+G to open the search box in “Go to Base” mode on a sequence map



These shortcuts work in our Insights SQL editor and if relevant also in the JSON schema editors. Other shortcuts that may work can be found here.

  • CTRL/⌘+Enter to run the query or selected code.
  • CTRL/⌘+/ to comment out or uncomment SQL code.
  • CTRL+U to make selected code uppercase.
  • CTRL+SHIFT+U to make selected code lowercase.
  • CTRL/⌘+F to search (and replace) code.
  • CTRL/⌘+Z to undo the last action.
  • CTRL/⌘+SHIFT+Z or CTRL/⌘+Y to redo the last action.

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