Configure location schemas

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A location schema describes any large storage locations such as freezers, fridges, and or shelves that would house the boxes or plates.

  • Any number of nested locations can be created within the sample management system (e.g. Racks in Shelves in Freezers)

  • Location hierarchy is NOT specified during the initial configuration in the Registry Settings.  

  • Location hierarchy is established when you create your locations in your Organization's Inventory, outside of the configurations page.

Configure a location schema

To configure a location schema:

  1. Navigate to your Registry Settings page, select "Location Schemas"

  2. Select the "Create" button in the top right corner of the page to define a new location schema.

The location prefix is used to generate a barcode that refers to that location


Note: Locations support metadata if desired - e.g. if you have a Temperature field on the Freezer location type.

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