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Administrators can create new users in Benchling, and immediately add them to an organization and (optionally) teams. 

To create new users in Benchling, a user needs to meet two requirements:

  • The user is an admin of the organization they are going to provision users into

  • The user is an admin of their tenant

"Tenant Admin" is a hidden permission that must be configured by Benchling Support. Please contact Benchling Support if a user should become a tenant admin.

If you meet both of these criteria, navigate to your organization's page. To do this click on your avatar in the bottom left hand corner of the screen and select your organisation's name from the menu.


From there, click on the Members tab.



On this tab, you'll see two actions: Add, and Create Members. The Add dropdown can be used to search for existing users on the tenant, and add them to this organization.

The Create Members button will open a tool to create new users.

To use this, you can either enter the user's information, or upload a spreadsheet (comma- or tab-separated). 

Note: SSO providers often depend on either the username or email in Benchling matching the user's username or email in the SSO system. If SSO is enabled on your tenant, make sure these match the user's information in your SSO system.

Once you fill these out, you can optionally add teams. All users created will be added to those teams. You can choose to add users as team members or team admins.

Finally, you may check a box to send an email to all the users you created. If this is checked, all users will receive an activation email, with instructions on how to log into their account.

Once this is filled out, click Create. This will immediately create the users in the system. After this, you can take any other administrative actions you normally would for those users, such as add or remove them from other organizations or teams.

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