Export data from Notebook, Registry, and Inventory

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Benchling provides flexibility for your team to export your data. You can learn how to export from Notebook, Registry, and Inventory below:

Notebook Application

  • From Notebook, you can bulk export entries easily into either PDF or HTML formats. Please find detailed steps in this article to export entire contents under Projects or folders. The exported files will be sent to your email, which is associated with your Benchling account.

Registry Application

  • From Registry, you can bulk export registered entities/batches. If you would like to export in a spreadsheet format for your metadata, you can choose a schema and a type(entity or batch) that you’d like to export. Here’s an article that explains steps of this process. Once again, exported files will be sent to your email.

  • In addition to a spreadsheet format, if needed, you can export sequences like plasmids in the GenBank format. From the “Export Data” modal, which you can learn how to access from articles above, choose following options shown on the screenshot below. Once again, exported files will be sent to your email.

"Inventory" Application

  • Lastly, you can also bulk export container information in a spreadsheet format. 

  • In Inventory, expand the view. 

  • Select a container type that you would like to export.

  • Bulk select containers

  • On the right top hand side, choose the “Export” icon, and select “Export selection to CSV.”

  • The CSV file of your selected containers will be downloaded to your computer.

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